INTRODUCTION: Serving the construction industry since more than 36 years, AL-JAZIRAH is one of the most reputable Saudi companies in design, manufacture and installation of aluminum products such as:  structural glazing, curtain walls, skylights, cladding, doors & windows, etc.  AL-JAZIRAH's operations started early 1976, and have expanded tremendously throughout the years to add:

  • Upstream production lines enabling more control on raw materials, competitive prices, and Quality control, with ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
  • Horizontal expansion with new products and options to expand its market share.
  • Consequently, AL-JAZIRAH has been one of the market leaders throughout the years providing inspiration even to its competitors.

FACTORY SIZE:        .

  • Total official factory area                 :   4600 m2  (Four thousand six hundred).
  • Total administrative building area    :    1,072 m2  (One thousand seventy two).
  • Total Showroom inside factory        :    57    m2     (Fifty seven).  
  • Al-Khobar show room area              :   150 m2     (One hundred fifty).
  • Al-Dammam show room area          :   120 m2     (One hundred twenty).

THE PRODUCTION LINE:  The factory consists of several production lines:

  • Standard Windows Fabrication lines.
  • Non Standard Windows Fabrication lines.
  • Standard Door Fabrication lines.
  • Non Standard Doors Fabrication lines.
  • Curtain wall, Structural Glazing and Skylight fabrication line.

THE TOTAL PRODUCTION:  The total square meter in Al-Jazirah productivity is 60,000 m2 per year approximately.

PRODUCTION MACHINARY & TOOLS:  The following production tools are available:

  • Sawing Machines.
  • Milling and Drilling Machines.
  • Hydraulic  Crimping Machines.
  • Bending Machines.
  • Cladding Machines.
  • Screw Type Air Compressor
  • Aluminum & Steel Welding Machine.

HUMAN RESOURCES:  It consists of several divisions such as:  Management and Sales Division, Quality & Safety Division, Engineering and R&D Division, Production and Store Division.   All these  area which more than 70 supervisors, technicians and other specialized manpower is spread over various divisions. The company employs staff with following qualifications:

  • University Degree                :  06   Employee
  • Secondary School                :  44   Employee
  • Below Secondary School      :  20  Employee

First:  Management and Sales Division:
Management Division:  The overall policy-making, procedures, strategy plan, control and development is executed by the General Manager.  Executive Manager, Quality & Safety Specialist and other Managers report directly to him and consult him over important affairs. He also manages the Engineering and R&D Division, while Human Resource and manpower is also managed by him.  Production is controlled by an Executive Manager with the help of plant supervisor, etc. He also controls Sales and Purchase Division. He establishes the sales and pricing policy and controls the Estimation Section also.
Sales Division:  Sales division consists of 5 qualified staff who work under the guidance of the Executive Manager.  Technically qualified, with long experience, the sales staff is capable of offering on-site solutions to constructional problems.  The sales policy is made by the General and Execution Managers, who revise the policies from time to time depending on the Market conditions and reports by the Sales staff.  Joint meetings are held from time to time for discussing customer and market needs.  This way, Al-Jazirah remains abreast with the market situation and offers competitive prices.

Second:  Quality & Safety Control Division:  The division is run by a Quality & Safety Specialist. The division sees to it that the standards are set and are implemented at every level of manufacture, testing, and installation.  Safety is controlled and supervised over all manpower and production according to the international Standard specifications. 

Third:  Engineering and R &D Division:
The Engineering Section:  AL-JAZIRAH design office studies and designs all projects undertaken. Each opening is studied by the architects and engineers individually.  Thereafter it is sent to the estimation section for pricing.  The Estimation section advances its workings to the Executive Manager, who modifies the figures in accordance with the customer's needs, latest market situation, production time required etc.  Finally, the Engineering section issues Quotations.  Staff consists of 3 architects and engineers of high qualification and experience in architectural aluminum works. They are classified as follows:

  • 1 Supervisor engineer.
  • 1 Estimation engineer.
  • 1 Design engineer.

The Research and Development Section (R &D):  In addition to the design office and its facilities, AL-JAZIRAH has a research and development division, where the latest technology in the field is studied and incorporated in the current systems under production. Modification, or re-designing is carried out, so as to suit the toughest international standards.  The needs of the customers are taken into account, and special designs are considered at the R & D section and answers for many technical and field problems are provided.

Fourth:  The Production and Store Division: 
The Production Section: This section is responsible to produce all type of aluminum system. Starting from hinged, sliding, doors, windows, it goes to curtain wall, structural glazing, skylight, roller shutter and other lines of manufacture.  This section is controlled by the Execution Manager. He sets up the targets for the projects, plans production, supply of raw material and accessories, and follows up on daily basis to achieve the targeted dates of manufacture, assembly and installation in and out of the plant.  He plans all manpower to achieve maximum production at lowest cost and checks on the real costs, to remain within financial targets.

Store Section:  Raw material stores are designed to control and organize the stock according to the most advanced storage systems.  In addition to the raw material stores, there are the finished product stores where specialized technicians pack the finished product after approval by the quality control supervisors and prepare it for mobilization and installation.